HR And Payroll Management System

  • Application to maintain the employee details of the organization.
  • Employee salary details such as basic pay, allowances, deductions and calculate the gross pay and net pay from the given allowances and deductions.
  • Employee Attendance booking.
  • Generate salary sheet of the employees.
  • Designed for the purpose of maintaining details of various allowances and deductions of the employees of the organization.
  • Leave management.
  • Automate the day to day activities of the employees who are working in the concern.
  • Manage financial records of employees.
  • Keep track of all employees and information.
  • Employee Document Management and Expiry Tracking.
  • Maintain Assets with Employees.
  • Includes employee details,payroll,training,performance,resignation,resume tracking.
  • Maintain the employees’ details such as adding new employee, modifying the existing employee and deleting the existing employee.
  • Payroll module consists of the information about the employee salary details such as basic pay, attendance, over time details, leaves taken, loan taken, their allowances, deductions and thereby calculate the gross pay and net pay from the given allowances and deductions.
  • Generate administrative reports.
  • Resume tracking module contains the information about the applicants such as their Curriculum, their contact information, their work experience, area of specialization and area of interest.The applicant has the facility of registering their resume through online and their details are stored in the organizations database. If the applicants’details suit the organizations requirement then they can be called for next step.


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